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The ProblemWasting Time on developing a website rather than building your business.

Most business owners are not Web Developers.  They know what they would like from their web site (more money), but they are unsure of how to generate it.

Many set up their web site the easy way...through mass hosting companies like, and many other providers, but there is no real service or help when needed and the site is typically nothing more than an elaborate business card.

Some try to find template or helper software that will let them design a decent site, but limits them to what the developers envisioned for their needs.

Others try to find someone who can create the site for them, but they run into issues.  Either they only know specific technology or they extend the time it takes to get the work done while making it look like they have a lower hourly cost.  Padding hours while lowering their rates can trick them into working with the wrong company or people (would you rather pay $60 per hour or $25?  What if the person charging you the lower rate takes 4 times longer to complete the same amount of work)?

Finally, they will try to piece all of this together and create a Frankenstein Project from the many failed attempts at a successful website (that doesn't really get them where they need to be).

In any case...the general concern is they are wasting time!

The Solution - Start making money with your website with our help.

Wouldn't you rather work on your business and let someone else work on your website?  Focus on your strengths and let the experts join you and do what they do best.  The sooner your business is successful...the sooner you will attain your know, the reason you went into business for yourself in the first place.

Would you like to start earning a revenue through your website rather than shelling out money monthly for something you are not even sure is helping you in any way?

How would you like to work with someone who doesn't just host your site, but actually understands using a web site to MAKE money and can help you do just that?

How would you like to have someone who understands all the technical mumbo jumbo and can help make sure your site is up and working even though you don't understand it all (or really want to)?

What is the purpose of YOUR web site?  Would your customers viewing your site agree?  Did you receive orders or requests for your services and hear that your website was "instrumental in the decision to buy from you"?

It is true that having a website helps you LOOK more professional, but why just have a web presence when that site can be part of your marketing campaign and help you get and retain customers or clients?

Our services are worth the investment!  The clients that invest in us for more than simple hosting or email services have been able to track and generate more revenue than what it cost for our help.

You get the help you need...when you need it.  You have experienced people to count on.  You get a company that has been in business since the early '90s...helping companies just like yours.  You can be the envy of your peers and they will ask how you are making so much more money in your business.

What is Important to YOU as a Business Owner?

If you are like most business owners, you started your company to make money...and attain your dreams!

What do you want out of your web site?  Do you want it to make money also?  Or did you really just want an expensive business card on the Internet?

We don't just host your site and email for you, we "partner" with you and act as your internal website design, development and hosting company...we even create customized applications to suit your needs.

Here's What We Can Do For You...

Whether you are just starting out...or are in need of a new website, here are just a few of the reasons others have relied upon us (with the technical mumbo jumbo in parenthesis for those who could care less how it works as long as it works):

  • Work on multiple marketing campaigns all at the same time rather than having a single web site and trying to cover everyone's needs all under a single umbrella website (set up as many landing pages as you need to market to different people all at once)
  • Test out multiple marketing methods all at the same time and see whether the Yellow Pages, Facebook, Google Adwords or some other method works best to drive traffic to your site (set up as many copies of your site as you need with page hit counts on each to determine the best use of your marketing dollars)
  • Have our experts show you how to set up a purpose driven website rather than a simple online business card
  • Have your site listed higher on the search engines like Google than your competitors (SEO - Search Engine Optimization techniques are available to help you get listed at the top of the search engine sites...we even have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you here)
  • Your website speed will be the envy of your competitors with the only limitation being that of the client's Internet Connection Speed (our servers are directly on the Internet Backbone and there is 24 hour staff monitoring and enforcing a maximum uptime for your site)
  • Have your site look as good or better than your competitors with any style you have seen other companies use (Flash, PHP, ASP, CSS and most other technologies are available to help make the presentation and programming on the site look like a premier website)
  • Collect money online for items or services without an or other payment collector (whether through PayPal or a Merchant Account we can help you accept checks and credit cards online with a secure SSL certified site)
  • Create Blogs, Articles, Ordering Systems and more or use templates like Wordpress to create your website (Many popular CMS tools are available and ready for you to use)
  • Access your email online while on vacation or travelling for business (use Microsoft Office Express, another POP mail client like a Smartphone or simply access your email through your own secure website)
  • Keep an email list or other client information for use in future marketing campaigns or offers for continuity programs (track information in MySQL or SQL Server as needed in canned or custom databases)

Take Action Now!  It is not too late to start bringing an income in from your website...

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See examples of what we have done for a few of our clients...

We have worked with other business owners just like you and we know what can help you have a successful web site.  Take a look at just a few of the sites we host, some of which were created by us, and how we were involved with each one:

Designed and host the site.

Created the custom Play button to allow playback even as the user changes pages.

Helped with the design and Host the site.

Provide development for the back-end reports and SSL technology.

Host the site using Word Press with Blog capabilities.

Host the site using Third Party Owner vs. User Site Management Software (CMS).

Host the site and help with the design as needed.

Login based site for accredited investors only that we host.

Uses SQL Server database, an email server and backups with retrieval by person.

Host the site and act as IT department for the company.

Host the site and their email.

Host the site and their email.


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